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by Shaun Copple

Discover your true potential and create a powerful roadmap to a new you! Helping expats in Brno enhance their resilience and wellbeing to upgrade their life

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Who is Shaun Copple, the transformative coach at the heart of Brno Breakthru?

15+ years living in Brno and with 25+ years of professional work experience, Shaun Copple specialises in helping individuals overcome various obstacles that may be hindering their progress through life.

Shaun provides a safe and supportive environment for you to explore those obstacles, delving deep into the underlying reasons for your current situation. Using clarity and keen insights as tools, Shaun offers a collaborative workshop tailored to your unique journey, empowering you to unlock your full potential and achieve transformative changes in your life.

Embrace sensitivity and resilience, guided by Shaun's professionalism, compassion, and wisdom.

Contact Brno Breakthru now to ignite your energy, discover your purpose, and achieve unlimited growth in both life and work.

Empower your journey to potential today with Brno Breakthru and Shaun Copple!

Shaun Copple

Who is Brno Breakthru for?

Are you an entry level post-graduate professional struggling to find meaning in the world and your career path?

Are you an ambitious professional looking to advance your career while maintaining a balanced and peaceful lifestyle?

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader aiming to grow your enterprise while maintaining your sense of purpose and meaning?

Are you a busy creative seeking to unlock your full potential and incorporate more of your artistic genius into your work?

Are you navigating major life changes, such as:

  • Career Transition or Loss of Enjoyment?
  • Personal Growth Plateau or Being Stuck?
  • Loss of Motivation or Fulfillment?
  • Fear of Change or Breakdown in Relationships?

Maybe you are becoming aware of something missing in your life?

Perhaps you have developed a routine that you find no longer serves you?

The Brno Breakthru Effect is your way to a new life.

What is the Brno Breakthru Effect?

The Brno Breakthru Effect: a revolutionary 6-point process that transcends the ordinary and propels you into a realm of extraordinary transformation.

Unlike the Butterfly Effect, which suggests small actions can lead to unforeseen consequences, the process is deliberate and meticulously crafted to guide you towards intentional and profound change.

Through personalised coaching, and transformative practices, you'll shatter limitations and delve into the heart of your potential.

Say goodbye to merely fluttering in the winds of chance; with the Brno Breakthru Effect, you take control of your destiny and chart your course towards a purposeful and empowered future.

It's time to leave behind the familiar and embrace the unfamiliar – to not just break free, but to break through to a life that truly resonates with your inner self and higher purpose.

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What are you waiting for?


It begins with your decision to take action. Action begins your journey towards forming habits and practices that positively impact your Wellbeing and Resilience.

Brno Breakthru is an iPEC Certified Core Energy Coach and offers the following Events and Services:


Resilience & Wellbeing Monthly Group Events


Individual Coaching Online & In-person


Group Hiking & Cycling


Online Webinars


It begins with your decision to take action. Take the first step today and receive my Resilience 101 book for FREE! Just register your name ande‑mail below, and you shall be on your way!

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